Lívingston, Guatemala
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May 16, 2010 16:00
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Hotel Rio Dulce, food and swimming

A bit of a patchy night sleep, very humid, conscience of the cockroaches and having bad dreams. We decide to check out some other hotels in the area and see if they have space for us, so we stick on some clothes and head into town. We have a look at some rooms but settle on Hotel Rio Dulce. Light, bright, on the first floor with a wrap around balcony so a definate breeze (Q100). Next we stop for a latte (best yet) creamy nice and actually tasted of coffee for change! Its strange that Central America is a coffee growing region, but it all gets exported living rubbish for the locals to drink! We trek back to the hostel, check out and check into our breezier alternative (deep sigh for relief)

We sit down in a nearby cafe and have a coco frio (cold fresh coconut). It tastes a little different to the ones in Thailand, not as sweet but still refreshing none the less. The cafe has a great internet connection so I am able to call my mum for a chat (its Sunday evening at home so all my family are sitting down together for a roast dinner). During my phone call Joe orders a whole fried fish in garlic with chips, salad and coconut bread which turns out to be very nice. I have a little pick at it but for some reason my appetite has gone (probably due to the heat and hummidity)

As it is so hot we decide to find a nice pool to cool off and relax in (the beaches in Livingston are not very nice dirty black sand and full of rubbish). After a cooling dip and a refreshing tamarindo Joe teaches me a bit more Spanish as we dry off in the heat. The area around the pool is really soothing with palm trees and greenery everywhere. The pool is supposed to be for guests only but who would know? Lots of tiny little birds keep swooping down into the water (I think catching bugs) and lizards scurry about. After our dip we head back to Hotel Rio Dulce do some net research (thank you happy fish for your WiFi that reaches the hammocks on the balcony!) and chill in the hammocks gently swinging.

My tummy wakes up at that awkard time between lunch and dinner where our food options are very limited. We end up having a couple of pieces to fried chicken and sit back down in the hammocks. The Mc Tropic restuarant is across the street and is a recommended place to try Tepado (well the nice lady in the coffee shop likes it!). We wait until 6pm when happy hour starts for Mojitos (241). We order a pescado a la plancha and a tepado (and 2 mojitos of course). Tepado is a coconut cream soup, lightly spiced in a large bowl filled to the brim with a whole crab, whole fish, large prawns, mussels and greens. It is served with rice which is particularly good to dip into the broth. It has a bit of a Thai flavouring and is both warming and tasty. The grilled fish is a whole fish served with rice (that i dip into Joe's both) and a English looking whilted salad. Afterwards we walk down the road back to the puposa lady who is working away as promised. We try one cheese and one cheese and beans which have delicious salady bits and salsa on top. I braved some of the interesting green chilli stuff on the table which is fairly potent. Now with a very full belly we almost roll back to the hotel, grabing a bag of coco buns for the morning (they smell devine)

We appear to be the only guests at the hotel, I guess maybe as it is low season. We do a little research to try and figure out how we can get to Utila in Honduras. It gets way to complicated so we give up and go to bed with the sound of a storm passing overhead.  

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Coco Frio, delicious! Tepado in Livingstone. Its a kind of fish soup with coconut cream and spices Helping an escapee chick back into the fold and away from the road. All the chicks were painted different colours: pink, blue, purple and green!