Arequipa, Peru
17° 19' S 70° 19' W
Dec 22, 2009 16:45
Distance 169km

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Ночь в Арекипе Overnight in sunny Arequipa

 Про Арикипу писать нечего, за исключением того, что та было теплее

The 5pm bus delivered us into Arequipa on time at 10pm.  We found an extremely good value guest house just 50m from our original Lonely Planet target.  There’s a lesson there somewhere.


In the morning, Nastya wasn’t feeling any better, so she stayed in bed while I strolled around town, was impressed by the colourful Plaza de Armas, bought VIP bus tickets to Lima, and discovered that the kindly receptionist at the Q’oni Wosi hostel in Puno had passed me a fake 100 soles note ($33). 


Arequipa has >300 days of sun per annum, so different to Lima.  The streets have an energetic buzz.  Literally 000’s of taxis.  I liked it.  At 4.30pm we settled into our 145 soles VIP seats for the 16 hour journey to Lima.  We left from the aptly named “Earth-port”, and it really was like 3m-high flying.  We were served supper & breakfast by a smiling attendant.  The on-bus TV showed a string of interviews with famous local chefs.  Turned our chicken and chips into a poor man’s meal.  Slept well.  On-time arrival and taxi tfr to our previous guesthouse in Ave Grau.