Arcore, Italy
45° 36' N 9° 18' E
Sep 29, 2009 20:53
Distance 954km

Text written in: English

Finally arrived!

It's been months in the planning, but FINALLY I arrived to Italy and was met by my friend and former English teaching colleague, Daniela.  We met several years ago in Hamamatsu, Japan while working at Four Seasons Language School.  As a native German, with excellent English skills, she taught both languages at our school and even had a weekly German lesson off-site that I'd occasionally join in.

During summer vacation 2007, I spent a week with Daniela and her boyfriend, Tatsuo, driving and camping in various locations throughout the northermost island of Hokkaido.  And, half a year later, friend Hiromi and I danced Sevillanas (flamenco) at Dani and Tatsuo's wedding reception.  Later in March 2008, Tatsu was transferred to Milan, Italy with his company Yamaha Motors, and that summer Daniela finished teaching in Japan and followed him to Europe. 

This past July 2009, their first little bundle of joy, Ken, was born and so since February, Dani and I have been planning and making arrangements for me to come and stay with them after my summer travels.  She is hoping to get started on a PhD and will need someone to watch Ken a few days a week, while she studies and writes.  So, I found a language school (to learn at!) and got my study visa to Italy.  Dani and Tatsuo have generously opened their home to me for the next 5-6 months and I will spend my time here taking care of Ken, helping out with meal preparation, studying Italian, and generally being a friend.  Later in October I will add more varied classes to my schedule - possibly some courses related to dance, music, and cooking.  And weekends I hope to visit some neighboring locations - Venice, Parma, Turin, Lake Como.

Photos / videos of "Finally arrived!":

Ken-chan wasn't so happy being loaded into the car... Random statue alongside the road, driving home from the airport Hez and Ken the cutie! Ken and his mommy Dinner for three Dani (and Ken) are ready to head out The playtoys keep him entertained... sometimes My front door, downstairs My room... Hallway to the bathroom It doubles as the laundry room Check out how Tatsuo redid the sink... yes, that's a wok!  Cool, huh... =D Cool rug... Ken is still a long way from walking, but he loves to stand up Tatsuo takes off for work at Yamaha We drove by Yamaha on our way to Monza Park Jessica, a Brit, with her new baby, Alice (just two weeks younger than Ken) is married to an Italian and lives in a nearby town Little Alice was very active My first pizza in Arcore was a Tirolese with tomatoes, cheese and roasted bell peppers Me and Ken - he was enthralled with the sunshade Aww!  I just love his little chin dimple! Arcore park View from our spot I got to carry him for a bit Losing his patience now... "end of construction" and "construction starts here" all on the same block This is my favorite house on the walk home Look at those colors! Via Nicolo Copernico, our street And here's #40... It's a 3-story duplex and my bedroom is downstairs, near the garage