Kathmandu, Nepal
27° 43' N 85° 18' E
Sep 25, 2009 17:15
Distance 1604km

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Arrival in Kathmandu

What is it about jet lag... just doesn't work on overnight flights!!! Anyway, after having to cancel the Himalayan treks (hopefully still be completed next year) have made way up to Kathmandu to join up with a tour group moving through Nepal into Northern India to finally end up in Delhi.

 BIG THRILL was seeing the Himalaya range from the airplane window... totally awesome.  You grow up thinking you've seen mountains in Africa or Europe, but no sirree!  This mountains loom up over the clouds in a stupendous array of power!  DEFINITELY need to get my booty up there soon in the future. 

 Landing in Kathmandu just after a heavy storm was beautiful to behold, with a mist enveloping parts of the land and hills/mountains peaking through the pillared cloud formations.  Gazing down I was shocked by the gorgeous startling emerald green of the valleys - just like looking at a 5 star golf fairway in England's pleasant land.  Typical 3rd world city, full of people, noise, dirt and traffic.

 The festival of Dashain is currently on over the next few days - the biggest and most important National Festival of the Nepalese.  The main day is on Sunday, 28th September and is in honour of the Goddess Durgo Bhawani.  It's kind of like our Xmas, with loads of people wishing each other 'Happy Bijay Dashami' and wishing joy, happiness, peace, prosperity etc.  It marks the victory of Durgo Bhawani over the demon king Mahisasur and marks the start of the harvest (to be a good one!).  Runs over a number of days, on the 8th day they do animal sacrifices (some bulls and 108 goats to be precise) and other offerings ... apparently they sprinkle the blood on tools, vehicles and even airoplanes to Impart Durgo's power....???

 Staying in Great little hotel this evening, the International Guest House.  Gorgeous artifacts, carvings and great view over city, plus restaurant in open air garden.  AAAAHHHH so nice to be eating outside in the warmth again... 

Photos / videos of "Arrival in Kathmandu":

Evening Sunset from Bedroom Balcony Wooden Carving at International Guest House Hotel Garden with gorgeous green grass and outdoor restaurant seating Hotel Garden animal statues Hotel Garden with 'lounging' area Buddha Statues in Hotel Garden View over Kathmandu from Hotel roof Hotel Roof view Cockrells next to Buddha Stupa in the streets ( Food Sacrifices for the river Girl on a Swing Kathmandu River that runs south of the city Local ladies Washing clothes Kathmandu style Local Shop for toothbrushes! Very friendly shopkeeper Parakeets for Sale anyone... Scary Monster Mask for Sale! Typical Kathmandu Alleyway Wooden Tibetan Mask for Sale - more my style, but still scary!