Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Jul 04, 2009 22:49
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Blog 22 Kuala Lumpur

Well after Air Asia kept us waiting for about an hour and a half (apparently they couldn’t find a plane) we eventually left Sandakan and breathed a sigh of relief since, despite the fact we now wouldn’t arrive until about midnight, we knew we had a room booked in an airport hotel.


Of course, Air Asia, despite claiming on their ticket system to fly to Kuala Lumpur International, don’t actually land there. For some unexplained reason, Air Asia’s terminal (which shares the same runway as KL International) is known to everybody else as the domestic terminal (which handles international flights) – confused? We definitely were when we landed and discovered that we were a twenty minute taxi ride away from the hotel.


Add to that the annoyance of discovering Air Asia had managed to break the padlock off my bag and thanks to their delay, we had missed the last shuttle bus between airport terminals and we weren’t off to a good start.


When we finally arrived at the hotel, we were overjoyed to find a clean and efficient set-up, even if it did resemble a motorway service station in décor and had a restaurant similar to a Little Chef.


Determined to get our free breakfast, despite not arriving until about 2am, we set the alarm, emptied the buffet and headed back to bed. Waking again about mid-day in what was now beginning to feel like Groundhog day, we packed up and headed back to the airport, sadly having missed our chance to see any of the city.


With our last ever flight on Air Asia ahead of us, we checked in on time and sat down to wait for yet another delayed flight. After finally boarding, we endured their ‘no eating your own food’ rule until we had the chance to purchase a dried out, third choice, meal from their hopeless stewardesses (who struggled with the concept of ‘two cups of tea’) before the pilot tested airbus’s suspension in a collision with the runway at Bali.


Summary: Don’t ever choose to fly Air Asia!!