Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain
41° 28' N 2° 4' E
Jun 06, 2009 12:20
Distance 500km

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¡Los niños españoles son preciosos!

(Spanish kids are soooo cute!)

My former host sister from Madrid, Marta - now married and living in a suburb of Barcelona with her husband, Nacho, and three children - came to the train station to pick me up and we had a great "catch up" session in the car on the 20 minute drive to Sant Cugat.  Once home, I met Nacho and 5-year-old Mario, almost 3-year-old Diego and the cutest little babykin you ever would meet, 11-month-old Lucía. They have a nice 4-story condo (including basement garage) in a quiet neighborhood with a shared swimming pool just ten steps from their front door. 

My week in Sant Cugat was laid-back and relaxed - just like I wanted it.  The evening I arrived, we went to Nacho's sister's house to celebrate his nephew's birthday - so I got to meet all of that side of the family.  Was very fun!  Otherwise, most days at Marta's house were fairly low-key.  A typical day had me sleeping until 9am or so, waking up to play with the baby, then Marta would return from dropping the boys off at school and we would have some breakfast.  Then we'd stick Lucía in the stroller and walk around the city center or the Park or check out the cool monastery or eat an helado (ice cream) as the temperatures were getting very warm (85-90 degrees each day).  Returning home for lunch around 2pm, Marta would put Luci down for a nap and then we'd relax - the very definition of a siesta! - for a bit until it was time for Marta to pick up the boys again from school. I would stay home and wait for the baby to wake up from her nap and then play with her a bit more.

Once the boys got back home they would play in the pool or on the back terrace until Nacho came home from work.  Dinners were a split thing - the kids ate first, then were put to bed (a big job!) and then the adults ate a leisurely meal, with wine, cold meats and cheeses and cooked meat or fish.  That was the best time to catch up on the day and have some laughs and enjoy the adult company, since the daytime was always about the kids.

You'll notice that most of my photos/videos are of the baby.  Mario and Diego were very cute, but didn't really warm up to me in the time I was there, both of them being quite shy.  Lucía, on the other hand, is an extremely social little girl and while she was awake, was constantly talking, smiling, squealing, grabbing and tossing things, pointing out things that she saw... She still doesn't speak intelligible words, but the one that she does know and uses constantly is 'allí ' (or 'there!').  I absolutely fell in love with Lucía and wished I could bring her (and her sweet, chuckling baby face) along with me everywhere on my travels, to brighten up my day.  Since that wasn't really possible, I took oodles of pics instead...

Photos / videos of "¡Los niños españoles son preciosos!":

Views of the Spanish countryside, from the AVE express train Lucía, the munchkin, and her very patient mama, Marta. Tickle, tickle!