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Am I in Europe already??

My last full day in Boston, we actually ended up driving down to Newport, Rhode Island to see the ocean and some of the coolest mansions around.  Newport has a long history of being a retreat town for the rich and famous and around the turn of the century familes such as the Vanderbilts and the Astors built fabulous, European-style homes right along the coastline.  I took a few pictures outside, but we weren't allowed to take pics inside so check the links below to find out more.  As the houses are spread out around a large area at the tip of the peninsula, there was only enough time to stop by and tour a couple of places.  It was a very hard decision as to which ones we wanted to go see because they were all so cool looking!  But, we ended up purchasing a combination ticket for "The Breakers + 1."

The Breakers is always popular with tourists as it was built and lived in by the Vanderbilts for many years.  Its a 70-room Italian renaissance-style palazzo that's just incredible inside... We only saw about 1/2 of the rooms, less maybe, but they were truly grand.  And it's location right on near the ocean was really impressive.  Here's the link:

The second house we chose to see was Rosecliff, a mansion modeled after the Gran Trianon in Versailles.  This house has been featured in a few movies such as The Great Gatsby, True Lies and Amistad. 

The house was really lovely from the outside and was nice inside, too, but just couldn't compare to The Breakers.

On the drive back, we passed many other mansions - old and new - and I promised myself, if I ever go back I'll definitely go visit more of those which are maintained and kept on display by the Preservation Society of Newport.  Very cool stuff!

Photos / videos of "Am I in Europe already??":

Janice, Lisa's friend from college, was also along and pulling bunny ears in this shot Rosecliff Recognize the front from True Lies? Random houses along the beach road... Back in the center of Newport