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Harvard and the Brinkleys

I couldn't go to Boston without spending at least some time visiting one of their most well-known universities, Harvard, actually located in Cambridge, MA - north of the Charles River from downtown Boston.  Lisa's father-in-law gave me a ride into downtown then I took the "T" (subway) about 20 minutes to get there. The campus was old and beautiful, with many lovely buildings to photograph and too much to see in such a sort time really.  I walked around for about an hour and took as many pics as possible, but left with the thought that i could have stayed the whole day.  

For lunch, I went back into town and met Lisa and her co-worker for clam chowder and crab cakes at The Union Oyster House, "the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest in continuous service in the U.S. - the doors have always been open to diners since 1826."  The food was quite yummy and the historical decor was fun to see.

Next stop was Paul Revere's house in, what is now the mostly Italian, North End of Boston.  My camera battery had croaked by that time, so unfortunately I didn't get any pics, but you can read more about it here:

It was a real treat to see where he lived (along with his wife and his umpteen children!) for about 30 years.... I could imagine the knock on the door that set him on his famous ride to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock of British plans to march from Boston to seize patriot military stores at Concord.  We also learned of the slight fabrications and incorrect bits of info that have prevailed - mostly due to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem, Paul Revere's Ride. 

The day was quite warm and since I was in a neighborhood with some seriously good Italian shops, I just had to stop for a gelato. One scoop of peach and one of limoncello... So refreshing!  Catching the "T", I headed back to Copley Square... this time to walk to nearby Marlborough Ave and the Learning Project Elementary School where my friend, Juliana Brinkley (nee Berrien) heads the 1st grade class.  It was great to see Joules again, after a nearly 7 year reprieve... the last time having been in Portland in 2002, when she was moving back to Boston and I was leaving town to return to Japan on the JET program. Seems like ages ago...  Juliana is now married to Noel (a great guy!) and they have adorable little Naomi, who turned 1 year old recently. 

Once we had collected baby Naomi from the nanny and spent sufficient time admiring her perfectly spoken, "MEOW!" (she LOVES kitties) from the nanny, we walked along park-like Commonwealth Ave down to Kenmore Square (near Fenway Park) and met up with Noel and his friend, Rob (whose wife, Heather, also joined us later on) for drinks then dinner, then dessert at the trendy and delicious Eastern Standard restaurant. Noel had scored a prime spot under the red awning up front, in gorgeously stuffed rattan furniture.  The food was divine, by the way... I had fresh ceviche with chips and a big hefeweizen, finishing up with a fabulous butterscotch soaked bread pudding (almost too rich to finish, but I did!).

The food was awesome, the company wonderful and it was truly a blessing to see my old friend again and hold that sweet, squirmy, smiley, pudgy bundle of Naomi...  Another perfect end to a wonderful day in Boston!

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Lisas in-laws More brownstones One of the many gate to Harvard University campus The 'statue of three lies', claims that it depicts John Harvard, Founder, 1638, but in reality Harvard was a contributor, not the founder; the institution was founded in 1636; and the statue is actually a likeness of someone else. A model was used to sculpt. Harvard Library The oldest running restaurant in the US Scenes from the Freedom Trail
Noel and Naomi - she was really digging the glasses! The Brinkleys - Juliana, Noel, Naomi The Brinkley girls