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May 20, 2009 14:41
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Food, art and America's favorite pasttime...

After the awesome bike ride on Tuesday, I had a good idea of what I wanted to see in the days ahead.  Wednesday I started off in Copley Square (pronounced COP-lee), snapping photos of the beautiful Trinity Church and it's very tall neighbor, the John Hancock building - shimmering blue in the sunlight.  The incredible Boston Public Library is beautiful on the outside and even more beautiful inside.  The huge courtyard is a quiet oasis from the busy traffic noise just outside.  Then I headed to Chinatown to meet up with Lisa and have some yummy dim sum Chinese food.

After lunch I visited the stunning Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - an incredible collection of art from all over the world, placed in gallery rooms surrounding a gorgeous interior courtyard, tiled and decorated with ancient Greek and Roman busts.  With the late afternoon sunlight streaming in, it was so magical that every room I entered, the first thing I did was go to the balcony overlooking that lovely courtyard and gaze at the view.  Unfortunately, we could not take pictures inside, but if interested, you should check out the website and really try to go see the museum.

Then, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) I saw some great paintings by American artists like John Singleton Copley and John Singer Sargent.  I especially liked Copley's portraits of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Adams and Paul Revere.  It was almost like seeing those people in the flesh!  Check them out here:

From the museum, I walked over to Fenway Park around 6pm to get myself a ticket to that night's game and - taking the advice of Greg, my guide on yesterday's bike tour - went directly to the "scalp free" area where a man with a clipboard kept track of people selling and needing tickets and matching them up.  Just as I inquired about the cheapest available ticket, a nice, older gentleman walked up and said he was selling one of his season ticket seats - covered grandstand seating, behind home plate - for $45. Me: "I'll take i!t" Him: "Great!  I guess you're my date for tonight!" =)  The seat was perfect... unobstructed view, in the old green, wooden seats, just to the right of home plate so you could see the pitches.  And the nice gentleman turned out to be a real font of knowledge about Boston, the Red Sox and baseball in general.  His daughter and her husband live in Seattle, actually.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way they have maintained (or more accurately - revived) our nation's oldest baseball park.  It was bright and clean, the new management has added extra seats, so there is actually seating all the way around the field now and the push in recent years was to make it more for families and kids.  They even adopted a list of rules that they advertise frequently throughout the game - keep the park clean, limit your alcoholic consumption, keep cell phone calls private, watch your language, etc.  And there's a phone number spectators can call if someone around them is breaking the rules and ruining their fun.  My neighbor guy told me that it has really helped make games much more enjoyable.

And, luckily, I picked a GREAT game to come see... In this second game (of three) against the Toronto Blue Jays, who were actually ranked 1st, Boston hit several home runs  (a couple out of the park) and had some nice three base hits.  I was lucky enough to see last year's Home Run King, David Ortiz, break this year's slump and hit a nice homer - his first in 40-some games.  I just happened to be videoing at the time, too! =)

All in all, it was another great day in Beantown.... I'm really loving it here! 



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Bostonian brownstones Trinity Church The Hancock Tower Boston Public Library Boston Marathon plaque, showing the terrain on the course and engraved names of all the winners Foyer of the library Library stairs Library courtyard with fountain Equestrian cops Dim Sum for lunch Lovely Lisa Boston Commons Old gravestones A good idea Fenway Park - America's Oldest Ballpark I had an awesome seat with the perfect view! David Ortiz - breaking his slump.  This was first HR of the season, and I just happened to be videoing! Singing "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" at the 7th-inning stretch The WAVE My souvenir cap