Bangkok, Thailand
13° 45' N 100° 31' E
Nov 20, 2009 08:13
Distance 364km

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I got back to Bangkok and took the airport express back to Silom Road and checked into my hotel, Glow Trinity Silom. It was really nice, just for 4 nights until we headed down to Phuket and i'd be back into cheap hostels. The hotel had blocked downloading torrents and so i had to go to a coffee shop to download last weeks X Factor!!

Shirley arrived the next day and so we met up and then went to the cinema to see 2012 and I got a hair cut too! That night we went to Khao San Road with a spanish guy from Shirley's hostel. The next few days we just chilled out and I had to extend my stay in Glow for another 2 nights as Shirley was waiting on a creit card getting delivered and it could take until the 25th. I managed to pick up an external hard drive for my laptop, its so light. I also bought Windows 7 disc to upgrade it, Shirley also bought a little netbook as her computer was broken. I had organised all my thing that I had bought in Vietnam and Cambodia and sent them all home in a big box. It turned out we had to extend another night as her card hadn't arrived yet! My hotel had access to a pool which was on the rooftop, it was really nice up there and we used that a few times during the week, was good to do a bit or excerise and sun bathe up there too.

Finally her card arrived on the Thursday morning so Thursday would be our last night in Bangkok, we went to the cinema again and saw the Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey in 3D.

The overnight bus to Phuket was so nice, there was loads of leg room and even had a little hostess that dished out some food for us.