Everglades National Park, United States
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Jun 12, 2009 13:22
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Swamp Thing!

Okay so this morning we were all a bit rough after partying in Miami until 2am and then then a 6:30am start! The end goal today is Key West. It is me, AJ and Mangnus on teh cooking tonight, so we stopped for some supplies, I think we are doing a chicken salad thing tonight in Key West and tomorrow a barbie of hot dogs and burgers.
Our first stop on the route to Key West was the Everglades National Park at an alligator farm. We watched the short show where the guy told us all about them and did some tricks with the gators then I got to hold a baby gator! Thankfully it's little mouth was taped shut. Then it was on to a boat ride through the Everglades...it was sooo hot while we waited  for the boat to go...burning heat. I don't think any of us has sweated so much in our entire lives over the past week! As the boat got ready to pick up speed we had to put on ear protectors as the noise of the boat is so loud, the guy kept doing 360 degree spins wwich was pretty cool as the water lauched over the side of the boat while the boat went spinning through the Everglades!

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