Mompos, Colombia
9° 14' N 74° 24' W
Jul 20, 2009 16:23
Distance 391km

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Gabriel García Márquez

Photos / videos of "Gabriel García Márquez":

Taking a water taxi from Bodega on the way to Momopox.
Luam o barca-taxi din Bodega in drum catre Mompox. Plaza de la Libertad Sucre Park.
Parcul Sucre. Rio Magdalena Imaculada Concepcion They really got funny names for pharmacies in Colombia.
Farmaciile au numele foarte sugestive pentru Columbia. The famous Mompox rocking chair.
Faimosul balansoar de Mompox. Rocking in the colonial style "Casa de la Cultura".
Leganindu-ne in casa coloniala a culturii.
It seems that the Mompox cemetery is quite renown for its stacked-up graves.
Se pare ca cimitirul din Mompox este renumit pentru mormitele surapuse. Plaza Bolivar Portal de la Marquesa Santa Barbara That's the way the river flows.
Iaca cum curge riul. Sunset over the Magdalena river.
Apus de soare peste riul Magdalena. Lizards on the walls. They are everywhere eating bugs.
Sopirle care merg pe pereti si maninca insecte. Sint absolut peste tot. Santo Domingo. On the way back from Mompox in the same water-taxi.
Intorcindu-ne din Mompox in aceeasi barca-taxi.