Sucre, Bolivia
19° 2' S 65° 15' W
May 23, 2009 15:43
Distance 78km

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Sucre is the place where started the liberation movement from the Spaniards. When we got here, it was celebrating 200 years from the first cry of liberty in Latin America.

Therefore what will follow is going to be full of parades of all kinds. School parades, military parades, guild parades, etc. Parades after parades one after another all day long. Quite fun in the beginigng, but the boom, boom noise can become quite anoying after 3-4 days. :)

We had a lovely colonial style hotel, that made our stay from ordinary to lovely.

Photos / videos of "Sucre":

[image] [image] The church Santo Domingo. This is our colonial style hotel from Sucre. Casa de la libertad Sonso - baked potatoes and cheese on a stick