Tafroute, Morocco
35° 25' N 5° 39' W
Nov 25, 2008 11:55
Distance 399km

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Wedding and Welsh Cakes

We've had a busy few weeks trying to finished all the drawing of the designs we've done. This inlcudes maps of the village, sections of the underground khettara, drawings of fence designs and options for relining the irrigation channels.

There was a wedding in the village on Saturday which we were invited to along with everyone else in the village. It couldn't have been more different to a British wedding. It started at 7pm and took place in someone's house. Men and women were in separate rooms so I didn't see Steve until 1pm when proceedings moved outside. This was a particular shame since Steve had the camera on him and the Bride and Groom kept coming into the room I was in but not where steve was. Anyway we have a couple of photos of us in traditional dress that we were lent for the occasion! Also there wasn't really a ceremony the bride and groom just sat at the front of the room, ate dates and milk, people took photos then then went to consomate the marriage! When the bride came back she had changed into another dress and in fact she changed at least twice after that!

 Steve with the men ate at about 9pm whereas the girls had to wait until all the various dresses had been shown off and didn't get fed til about 12:30!! We then went outside to watch the traditional dancing, though we didn't stay too long as it was freezing and to be honest its not the most exciting music or dancing. Anyway overall it was a very interesting experience and really glad we got a chance to see it.

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