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Oct 19, 2008 00:09
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busy bee

I've been sitting through day long classes...on CPR/First Aid (yep...i'm now certified!),  Hands of Peace (It's this really neat hands on training led by our leaders and they teach us how to basically deal with conflict along with other team builder activities), and Diversity Training (pretty self explainitory).  Our team is getting closer which is good because we're gonna be stuck together in close quarters for the next 10 months!  I'm stoked about it.  My floor is still rocking my world haha I'm gonna miss em when we go on Spike.  I still have no idea EXACTLY when or even where we are going.  Initiation is on October 31 and so we are leaving sometime after that date and before or on november 3rd or 4th...

 Our team cooked dinner the other night...hahahaha.  we made stir fry type thing with chicken, beef, and veggies all on top of fried rice courtesy of Luong!  Good work Gold 4! And today was our first morning of Physical Training.  However,we had physicals yesterday and the doc wrote that I can't run until i get an MRI...which is dumb.  I mean I was gonna get an MRI anyway but I know my limits and I think I would be able to tell when I could no longer participate.  But watev...After I cheered on my team for baseline (max sit ups in 2 mins...max push ups in 2 mins...and a mile and a half run) I stretched, had some breakfast, took a shower, and met up with Kari (a girl from Gold 4 and who lives across the hall from me...and coicidentally lives across the boarder in Iowa as well!) and we went to Van Driver Training:Behind the Wheel. For about a half an hour I drove around Sacramento CA in a 15 passenger government van.  I liked it...I'm not gonna lie.  Haha Only 4 people on our team got certified to be drivers for the year plus our team leader.  Each driver can only drive 2 hours per day and the van can only go 10 hours or 650 miles.  Which ever comes first.  Kari and I are glad we got to be the drivers and we were both really good.  After we got done with that we hung up our lil pieces of paper that said we passed on our doors just to be "cool".  

 Tonight we are going shopping at Target and REI i do believe.  And TOMORROW WE LEAVE FOR CAMP!!!!! we're camping at Camp Mendocino...I dunno where it is but there are Redwoods so I'm down.  But we're staying in open air cabins....and we're gonna rough it.  Tomorrow morning til tuesday afternoon i think.  There is gonna be a lot of team building activities plus a service day around the campgrounds.  This camp is a Boys and Girls club summer camp who provide the summer camp experience at a fraction of the cost for lower income families.  They also open it up for groups like us to come and stay there.  With our group though, we will be giving back by cleaning up the campground and help get it ready for winter.  There is a high ropes course and a rock wall along with other activities but because the doctor said no running until MRI I dunno if they will let me do it...and I will be incredibly frustrated if that 

Well i gotta go get my clothes from the wash and put em in the dryer before we go to Target and REI!