Lübeck, Germany
53° 51' N 10° 41' E
Aug 26, 2008 04:21
Distance 59km

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Baltic sea and Lubeck

We went to Valli’s school where we met her friend Nicola. Valli had a look at who her teachers are for this year and then went to the shopping centre where we had coffee and Valli and Nicola bought some school supplies. About 12:00 we went to a little village at the Baltic Sea called Niendorf with Sophie, Paul and their mum (Dagmar). Sophie and Paul went sailing and Valli, Dagmar and I went for a walk along the beach, got ice creams and went to the bird park. Andreas came from work to Niendorf and he and Paul went sailing while Sophie met up with us outside the bird park. We went and had Currywurst again. After Paul and Andreas finished sailing Paul and Sophie came back to Hamburg while Dagmar, Andreas, Valli and I went to Lübeck. There we saw some churches and the famous gate called Holstentor.

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Baltic sea Baltic sea Valli @ Baltic sea Bird park- Baltic sea Valli @ Baltic sea Baltic sea Sophie and Paul Baltic sea Baltic sea Lubeck Lubeck Lubeck passage between houses Lubeck passage between houses Lubeck passage between houses Lubeck "you are here"