Hamburg, Germany
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Aug 25, 2008 04:20
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Lots to see

Valli and I went to Central station (Hauptbahnhof) where we met Jana and went for Coffee. From central station we took the underground with Jana to the station called Sternschanze. From there we went to a special part of town called Schanzenviertel (or just Schanze) and trough another part called Karolienviertel where we went shopping. We then went back to central station where we met Annika and Anna. We walked down the shopping street called Mönckebergstrasse to the Town hall (called Rathaus). From here we walked to the Street called Jungfernstig, were we could see the Lake called Alster. Afterwards we took the underground to go to the famous church called St. Michaeliskirche (or just Michel) where we went to the top. After that we had a look at the old houses near the church called Krameramtsstuben which are very small. From there we went to a famous pier called Landungsbruecken. There we took a boat to go to a beach club but the beach club was closed for the day so we went back to the pier and ate Currywurst and Pommes Frites.

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View from St Michaels Church View from St Michaels Church View from St Michaels Church Valli @ St Michaels church Anna, Me, Valli @ St Michaels church St Michaels Church St Michaels Chruch Town Hall Town Hall Town Hall