Bochum, Germany
51° 29' N 7° 13' E
Aug 21, 2008 18:21
Distance 44km

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Catching up

Today I caught the train to Bochum where I met up with Susi. We walked around for a while then went and had coffee/iced drinks. Afterwards we walked around a bit more, went to the city point shopping centre and then decided to go to the teirpark (animal park/zoo). We walked around the teirpark and saw fish, lizards, snakes, flamingos, monkeys, seals, rabbits, eagles, owls and more. We also got to pat some goats. After the teirpark we went and got something to eat and then went to the station where I caught the train back to Düsseldorf. It was a good day and it was great seeing Susi again.

After I got back to the Hostel I was asked by a few people if I wanted to go out with them. I was then asked by another group if was going out so both groups decided to go together. We went to a pub to start with and then went to a Karaokee bar where they all sang a couple of songs each. About 2am half the group wanted to go some where to dance while the others came back to the hostel. I decided to come back.  

Photos / videos of "Catching up":

Bochum Zoo Bochum Zoo Bochum Zoo Susi at Bochum Zoo Me at Bochum Zoo Bochum Zoo Me and Susi Bochum Zoo