Düsseldorf, Germany
51° 13' N 6° 46' E
Aug 20, 2008 18:11
Distance 2151km

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At 8:55 today I boarded the bus to the airport where I would begi my journey to Germany. I got to the airport and checked in and proceeded to go through the security check. I was waiting for my bag to go through when the scanner stopped. Uh oh. My bag was put through a second time and the security man said he needed to check my bag. He had a look through and aksed if I was carrying anything sharp like a knife. After I had o pull every single thing out of my bag he re scanned it and nothing. Neither of us could work out what had shown up on the xray. Oh well, I re packed everything into my bag and went into the boarding lounge. My flight to Oslo was at 11:05. I arrived in Oslo at 12:30. I collected my bag and went to re check it in for the flight to Düsseldorf. My flight to Düsseldorf was at 5:35pm Yep 5 hours later. Five and a half hours later we were finally taking off. At 7:45 I arrived in Düsseldorf and went to find a taxi to take me to the hostel I am staying at.