Narvik, Norway
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Aug 02, 2008 21:29
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Gondol, Kamilla's and out

This afternoon Ida, Thea and I went on the Godol to the top of the mountain. The Gondol is jst like a ski like excpet you sit in an enclosed box. It takes six minutes to get to the top. The view from the top was really nice. There is a retaurant at the top too. We saw some people preparing to ride bikes down the mountain. Crazy if you ask me. After we had a drink and a look at the view we caught the lift back down. We were going to walk down but we were running late because we were going to Kamilla's for dinner..We got to Kamilla's about 8pm and had dinner. there was Ida, Kamilla, Victoria and me. After dinner we just sat around and listend to music, had a few drinks and talked until we called a taxi at 1am to go to the club. When we got to the club there was hardly anyone there and Ida said that was because most people don't go out until about 2. The club slowly got busier until 3am when it closed. It was really strange walking out of a club at 3 am and it was still light outside. While we were there we saw another one of Ida's friends Tore and his very very drunk friend. We got home about 3:30am.

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