Narvik, Norway
68° 26' N 17° 26' E
Jul 29, 2008 12:00
Distance 1984km

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I left for Manchester airport at 8:45 this morning. I was due to fly to Norway at 11:30am (British time). When I got to the airport checking in and going through security took about 10 minutes max. This left me with plenty of time to spare. oh well. The flight left on time and arrived in Oslo at 2:10pm (Norweigen time). I went through customs before dropping my bag at the bag drop and was free until 6:10 when I flew to Narvik. I realised at this point i needed norweigen money if I was planning on eating so i went and found the currency exchange and some food. After this I sat around the airport until I could board my flight. I had a whole row to myself on this flight which meant I could stretch out. YAY!!! I arrived in Narvik at 7:40 and Ida and her friend Victoria picked me up from the airport. They were running late so I had to wait. We headed to Narvik which was a hour drive because you have to go all the way around one of the fjords. It really puts meaning to the saying 'going backwards to go forwards' because thats exactly what we did. We dropped Victoria home and came to Ida's house. Miki's parents (Ales and Helena) are staying tonight too. Miki was an exchange student who stayed here. Miki's parents are really nice. We had dinner about 10pm by the time Ida and I got back to the house from the airport. I can't believe how light it still is at midnight.