Sydney, Australia
33° 53' S 151° 12' E
Dec 16, 2007 14:11
Distance 17053km

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yep, she's definitely pregnant

Decided to ease into my return home with a few days up in Sydney with Juz and Shawn...and Becky of course! They really spoiled me, Beck took me to a VIP party and Sydney's hippest bar, free booze and some ridiculously good looking people.

Next night off to the Opera house for drinks and to see the Sydney Symphony in session. Luckily Shawn was able to lend me some clothes for both of these events, my backpacking wardrobe (or normal wardrobe for that matter) didn't really contain anything suitable - flip flops apparently being unnaceptable the opera set. 

Plenty of good food and wine, and a masive seafood feast was the perfect intro to my holiday, if I manage to eat and drink that well for the rest of the trip I'll be doing well. 

 A bit weird to see Juz in her preggers state but pretty exciting just the same. Can't wait the meet the little flegler (not a swear word, that's Shawn's surname)