Huacachina, Peru
14° 5' S 75° 45' W
Sep 13, 2004 05:40
Distance 121km

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Sand boarding

We continued north to the oasis village of Huacachina near Ica on the coast. The town surrounds a little lagoon & is surrounded by massive dunes - the main source of entertainment for the backpackers that hang out there. & staying at a cheap hostel with a swimming pool, hammocks & outdoor bar - that is extremely easy to do for a few days. Naturally, a lot of socialising was done, including with a couple of kiwis which quite remarkably was the first I have met in over a month!!

The highlight of course was the sandboarding & accompanying dune buggy ride which was much like a rollercoaster ride - flying at high speed over the dunes.

The sandboarding was loosely related to snowboarding which I have done a lot of so kind of got the hang of it by the end of the morning trip. By that stage tho', I was a bit over it - with no trees to avoid or jumps to faceplant on, there isn't really much variety to it. Give me a mountain with real snow any day!

(a couple more photos are coming)

Since then we have been to Pisco & are currently hanging in Lima. - will write about this when I have my camera to upload the photos.

Ciao for now!


Photos / videos of "Sand boarding":

The buggy The oasis Returning sand-warriors Was pretty adrenalising The group Hangin' A common site as I boarded down the dunes Iris & her friend Galloping across the dunes The town Sunset