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The Valley of the Kings

Today we decided to organize a private tour guide and a driver for the day.

It all went quite well I thought. Jo decided to go into tuts tomb but I "opted out" on hippy anti-grave robbing ethics grounds. I believe that displaying the remains of someone that went out of their way to be buried as secretly as possible probably wouldn't appreciate someone digging them up, stealing their posessions and charging a fee paying public to view both him and his earthly remains in what amounts to a grave robbers circus.

Using modern artisans and modern methods these artifacts could be quite simply copied. The copies would be identical to the originals bar a few thousand years of ware and tear. These could then be put on display and the originals could then be replaced from whence they came. Righting the wrongs of the grave robbers and the people (criminals) who ride on their backs in modern times.

Then guards posted to keep out the grave robbers - perhaps paid for from the profits from displaying the replicas.

The sooner those responsible realize the error of their ways the better. When I get into power they are all going to prison - actually I think I will save them for my special police force to deal with. I don't think my judicial system will be equiped to adequately deal with their crimes.

Jo also pointed out that the guard taking the USD20 entry fee to tuts tomb was to busy taking bribes to return tourists cameras that she managed to walk in without relinquishing her ticket (I think we should get in on this criminal game and head back there tomorrow and scalp a ticket to a grave - think it would look good on my CV).

The rest of the day we spent by the pool followed by a few games of dominos and dinner. Last night at Al Moudira for tomorrow we hit Dahab.

Photos / videos of "The Valley of the Kings":

Memnon statues-  there was an earthquake a few hundred years ago.. they are a bit worse for wear. Looking from the temple out to where the nile would have been when it was built.  Awesome place for a castle. Walking into the valley of the kings or as it was originally known The Valley of the Tombs of the Kings. Hapsetsut (spelling?)