Bangkok, Thailand
13° 45' N 100° 31' E
Dec 14, 2007 15:02
Distance 537km

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Welcome to Thailand

After a fantastic experience in Cambodia, we crossed the border into Thailand and headed to Bangkok, where the complete contrast between the two was immediately apparent. Not only did Thailand have proper roads, it also had a much bigger western influence. The minibus we had booked from the border to Bangkok even had blacked out windows and a driver that looked like a Columbian drug baron with a heavy moustache and big gold medallions across his hairy chest! Tourism was obviously doing him well. 

We spent a few days in Bangkok, staying in Soi Rambuttri, a nice backpacker’s area just off the infamous and noisy Ko San Road. We spent most of our time shopping, as we knew we would be returning, and it had been hard to buy any clothes in Vietnam or Cambodia and Thailand is renowned for its night markets and cheap imitation clothes.

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