Salta, Argentina
24° 46' S 65° 24' W
Feb 21, 2008 19:55
Distance 747km

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Much more of an indeginous influence in the people, the landscape is more of what we imagine Bolivia to be like. Lush green hills, with the smell of rain and fresh grass in the air. Meeting a swedish couple, Madelaine and gustav (sorry, no idea how to spell them!), we are all at the same hostel, and are all planning to head to Boliva together tomorrow. It is great to hear swedish again, i miss my girls! Although mine still sucks, although Madelaine is doing a great job at trying to teach me some more!

A nice city, with a great HI hostel (backpackers home i htink?!)

Final destination in Argentina as we make the final trip to an Argentinean border tomorrow.....scary stuff!!