Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Oct 07, 2007 21:41
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well, i guess it was always going to happen, just didn´t think it would happen this early. I have had something ipod! gutted! Was going to move hostels today, so walked across town, but the hostel i was going to move to (cheaper) didnt do half the tours i want to do in next few days, so decided to go back and switch towards end of week when iits purely killing time uintill camera arrives (for those of you that don´t know i did like a fool manage to leave it at home, although now thanking that fact!) when got back to stone of a beach hostel, i emptied bags to realise it had gone. I don´t know whether it got taken from my bag as i was walking..i dont think so, or when i was at the other hostel i put my bags down to sort out some paperwork and someone took it then (hence y i have suspicions but no prrof) v annoying, plus want to be annoyed, but i guess it wont help or bring it back! on the bright side i did make two new friends in the form of  tweedle dee and tweedle dum, the tourist policemen that gave me a lift to the station and back. They were hilarious chatting away in the front, plus v friendly and helpful in their broken english and my v broken portuguese. i guess its time to read more!