Klöntal, Switzerland
47° 1' N 8° 58' E
Jun 14, 2008 20:10
Distance 232km

Text written in: English

Walking in Glarus with Juul

My sister Julia was with us for a day. So we took our walking boots (and she her sneakers) and went to this valley for a walk.

It was amazing. We had sunshine, rain, snow and graupel ( a typicall german kinf of rain). 

Finally a lot of pictures again. And some videos (hope they work)!

This walk supposed to be 9 hours but we made in 5 hours. We went through the valley and up a mountain ( I forgot the name). At 2000 meter we had snow and just before the glacier at a mountainhut, we turned around and walked the same way down. There were a lot of massiv waterfalls.

Photos / videos of "Walking in Glarus with Juul":

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