Cancún, Mexico
21° 9' N 86° 50' W
Aug 24, 2007 19:24
Distance 61km

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Thank you Cancun!

On arrival back to Cancun we dumped our stuff and headed out for some dinner.  It was As and Bryony´s last night in Mexico so we thought it only fitting to eat a restaurant called the ¨Gory Taco¨!  Plus the funny waiter lured us in with pormises of free cocktails... One ¨Mexican special¨ and 3 margaritas later, we glimpsed the kareoke bar across the road and there was only one place we would be going after our meal. 

Some beautiful renditions of Alice Cooper´s ¨Poison¨, Bonnie T´s ¨Total Eclipse of the heart¨ and a surprisingly tuneful ¨first cut is the deepest¨ were performed.  A not so sucessful version of ¨Stuck on You¨ was redeemed by Bon Jovi´s ¨Living on a prayer¨ and what was supposed to be our finale was also pretty diabolical what with the dodgy Mexican lyric prompts and out of time music.  Nothing whatsoever to do with our musical talents at all.  I of course thanked Cancun and on that note we swiftly left the bar.

A quick shower and then we were in a taxi going to Coco Bongo´s- a massive club with live performances and free bar.  A very bizarre but extremely funny and enjoyable experience was had by all.  Look out for us on MTV base 3 or some similarly obscure MTV channel as we were selected (in the loose sense of the word) to dance on the stage.

Downtown Cancun is pretty gross and we left the following day back to Mex City by plane.