Beijing, China
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Jun 19, 2007 19:56
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We walked the most today according to our guide

Morning call was at 6:30am today. By 7:45am we boarded the bus and began our sight-seeing through Beijing. We first went to Beijing Sport University where athletes train. Some might even be in next year's olympics. Then we went to Summer Palace. This place has a long outdoor corridor filled with painted tiles with ancient Chinese stories. At the end of the corridor, there is a stone boat on the water. After taking the dragon ferry back to the other side, we saw the 17 holes bridge. There's literally 17 under-the-bridge arch support spaces. The biggest one in the middle is where the Emperor's boat pass through.

The next stop was Forbidden City. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great and it even started to rain at one point. This place is huge! People shared that it takes a couple days to see all of the palace. The place was also under construction. Since the olympics will be held in Beijing next year, it is trying to renovate and fix up the city.

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