Jasper, Canada
52° 53' N 118° 5' W
Jul 19, 2010 12:28
Distance 537km

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Streams and Valleys fo the Rockies

After a few days rest in Vancouver, Jane and I were off to see the famous Rocky Mountains. We were off to see the interior of the province in a rented car. 

We left Vancouver early in the morning and drove all day (stopping occasionally) and arrived in Jasper, Alberta, ten or eleven hours later.  The weather started off clear and sunny, but by the time we were in the Rockies it was raining and cloudy. Jane was impressed by the distances in Canada, it is not often in Europe you can drive so far and see so few people or cars. 

From Jasper, we spend two days going to Banff and seeing the marvellous sights along the highway that joins Jasper and Banff (the Columbia Icefields Highway).  We saw it all: pointy mountains, glaciers, bears, deer, moose, elk, waterfalls, glacier feed streams and bountiful nature.

We took so many photos that it would be numbing to see them all.  I felt that the easiest and quickest way to organize this aspect of our trip would be to combine photos by type, so these are the streams and waterfalls collection.  I forget the names of the sites, suffice to say that nature is beautiful and God’s handiwork.  

Photos / videos of "Streams and Valleys fo the Rockies":