Lantau Peak, Hong Kong
22° 15' N 113° 54' E
Apr 25, 2010 05:33
Distance 1982km

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More hiking and our Shangri-la Getaway

After returning from Beijing its was back for the last sprint to the finish for me and my teaching semester.  The term lasts a little long, 14 weeks of classes, starts a week later and a week break for New Year so the teaching term ended at the end of April.

We continued the pattern of hiking on weekends, getting in shape for doing the Maschu Pichu hike in July.  Will save you the photos, I am sure you have seen enought and get the impression that HK has dozens of island, long stretches of beaches, tons of open space and miles hiking opportunities.

We are fortunate to have a beach flat we can go to.  It is on a very long stretch of beach, longer than at Borocay Island (several miles but not totally white sand, but good enough). We can get there door-to-door in 90 minutes. What is even better is that the annual rent is less than $2,000 each for the year, just a song and a dance for such an escape.  We share the two bedroom flat between 4 families.  Rarely do the others go, so we could go most weekends but chose not to; once every four weeks is enough.  One reason is that April/May is the wet season.  It does not rain that much but the sky is overcast and lots of clouds (or polution).  We have spent several weekend at the beach retreat. 

Below are some photos of the beach and flat.  But again, we are so blessed!

Photos / videos of "More hiking and our Shangri-la Getaway":

That is our flat, top floor of the middle building. Water buffalo wander about freely on Lantua Island. Buffalo family on a picnic/ 100 metre man versus buffalo race. Beach, on a cloudly day. Beach looking north. Beach looking south. View from the balcony.