Doha, Qatar
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Dec 31, 2009 13:02
Distance 5483km

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Old/New Year in an Airport

December 31/January 1

Based on the fact that Christmas is not really celibrated in China and Jane was starting her new job as of Monday, Janaury 4, we headed back to HK soon after Christmas.  To get the cheaper (and available) flights were flew with Qatar Air via Doha on Old Year's Day.  The flight left Manchester at 2 PM and we landed in Doha (Qatar) at 11:20 PM.  It felt good-strange to be in an Arabic country again, all the men in thier white dishdashs and the women in their black habias.  As the minutes ticked toward midnight we were in the duty free store (not much to do in this airport unless you are first class) and at the stroke of 12 celibrated the New Year in with a kiss and a hug (but no alcohol as Qatar is semi-dry).  A few others were mindful of the moment and continued as usual. 

At 2 AM we were onwards and arrived home midday on January 1, 2010.