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Jul 28, 2009 15:45
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And Back Again

What a relief, everything worked out: I had the Marriage Visitor Visa, visited family and friends and was back before the original scheduled date for the wedding.

It was a blessing in retrospect that the wedding was delayed, as there was a lot that had to be still finished after I arrived, and it rained on July 31st.


As the wedding had been delayed, Jane and I were able to complete some of the wedding arrangements  in a little less haste.  Additionally, as Jane was movng to Hong Kong soon after the wedding, we had to get her house ready to rent.  This meant painting two rooms, and starting the huge task of packing up all her possessions for storage or shipping to Hong Kong.

My dear high school friend Lyn Corscadden and his wife Linda had come to the UK for the wedding.  As the wedding was delayed, Jane and I were able to spend some time showing them Wales.  Wales was at its sunny summer best for some of the time.  Went for a long hike in the Gower and admired the coastline and waves.


However, getting married and getting it right was the constant backdrop, and always at the top of my mind as the days led up to August 6th.


Photos / videos of "And Back Again":

The Welsh shoreline: this is a for-real coast, with big waves ands rocky shorelines. Awesome to see. One of the many bays.  Wales is famous in the UK for its beaches and surfing and greenness. Lyn and Linda Corscadden from Canada.  They came out for the wedding and Lyn was my best man.  Lyn goes back 42 years to 1967, when I first met him in high school. More coastline.  It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for such a walk along the coast. Erosion in the limestone cliffs can lead to some interesting rock formations. Jane, my fiance and soon to be wife. Miles of beaches, much of it used for surfing.  The surfers were in the foreground. Welsh countryside. Country side everywhere. Out for a stroll. Pobbles Beach and Three Cliffs Bay Man races dog for the ball, it was close but dog won. Man trying to lick dog, the dog was totally spooked and suspicious of the human's gestures. Beach "snowman". Pobbles Beach. The Three Cliffs on Pobbles Beach.