Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
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Jun 20, 2009 10:42
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Why the delay

Dear Blog Readers

I know it is not June or July and you are receiving Blog updates from that period of time.  I travelled over the summer, visited at least 11 countries, four for the first time, three continents and travelled at least the distance equal to around the world (40,000 K).  I uploaded the story for much of these travels as I went along, but did not have time to edit or add the text for the photos.

Now I finally have time, and am settled down (if you do not know where, enjoy the mystery) and can do the finishing touches.  Over the next few weeks I will release these postings. 

I know for a fact this past summer was eventful.  Hope you enjoy these entries and excuse my delay.  I certainly had a wonderful time doing the moving about, had many unique and splendid moments and sights and would enjoy sharing them with you.