Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
25° 21' N 55° 23' E
Oct 04, 2008 17:26
Distance 2140km

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And Back Home Again

Nothing to note other than that I got home safely.

Feel very well rested.  I now know what to expect at work.  Keen to re-start the semester.  Will focus more on building a relationship with the students, and back off a bit on the content.  I now understand that in the Arab culture, relationships are of immense importance, and crucial to developing an effective learning environment.  When I started, I focused too much on content, which was where I was coming from, and paid too little attention to building a "friendship/relationship" with the learners. I will reverse the process now, as I have learned I have the time to do this relationship building process.

Will hit the road again in early December to visit Wales.  Next Eid is in 60 days, and then we get a 10 day break.