Waiotapu, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
38° 20' S 176° 22' E
Jun 16, 2008 07:35
Distance 25km

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Wai-o-tapu. Monday morning, June 16th.

Went on two excursions around Rotorua on Monday. Each was different from the other, though they both originated from the same geothermic nature of this area. The first was Wai-o-tapu. This destination is famous for its geysers and hydrothermal systems.


The day started with a man-induced geyser erupting at 10:15. The park ranger poured some laundry detergent into the mouth of a geyser and within a few minutes it was venting and shooting water 15 metres into the air. The detergent was required, as otherwise the eruption would occur, but at a somewhat random time between 23 and 25 hours apart.


At first I was taken aback that it cost $25 ($20 Cdn) to visit the park, as I expected it to be free. What you got back was an extremely well planned and thought out walking and learning experience. There was no need for a guide as you were given a brochure that had signposts of where to stop and what you were seeing (actually much better than a guide). The pathways were very well kept, and the walk was designed so a circuit walk could be done in either 30, 40 or 75 minutes. Every 150 metres there would be a stop and details of what was to be seen explained on the pamphlet, with just enough trivia for a person like me to be engaged and not overwhelmed. Did the 3 Km walk in an easy 75 minutes, being continuously pleased by the different ways boiling and steaming streams and geysers can express themselves. And the weather was agreeable, slight overcast, low teens but no rain.


Enjoy the photos.


Photos / videos of "Geysers":

Bubbling and boiling mud.  In the centre of the photo you can see an erupting/exploding blob of mud. Steaming crater before laundry detergent is added (10:14) Starting, 10:17, have to wait a few minutes. Getting warmed up, 10:18
Full tilt, 10:19.  Shooting up about 15 metres.  Continues to do this for at least 45 minutes, though tourists tend to leave after a few minutes.  Next. Steaming and smelly crater. Steaming and smelly pit. Champagne pool (as it is bubbly and smelly). Lake Ngakaro (Maori for grandfather).  Small thermal lake, scenic and colourful. Bridal Veil Falls. Inferno Crater. Devil's Bath.