Siem Reap, Cambodia
11° 23' N 104° 52' E
May 08, 2008 12:10
Distance 0km

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Angkor Wat. Temple: Pre Rup.

Angkor Wat. Thursday at Sunset, May 8th.

Third Temple: Pre Rup.

It was now getting late in the afternoon. 

One last quick temple to view.  Here we climbed to the top of one of the higher points and temples in the area, and watched the sun set.  Unfortunately it was cloudy, so the setting sun did not disappear below the horizon but rather into clouds.

Photos / videos of "Angkor Wat. Temple: Pre Rup.":

Sunset around 6 PM.  The temperature now is very pleasant, for the first time in the day.  Fortunately, my camera has a "sunset" setting on it so I can get nice photos.