Olympos, Turkey
36° 22' N 30° 28' E
Mar 17, 2008 13:10
Distance 456km

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The Other Olympis

Olympos. Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick's Day).

Travelled along the Mediterranean Sea coast from Dalyan to Kaþ. Such a beautiful shoreline, with so many idyllic beaches and coves.

Got my Olympis and Olympos mixed up. Was expecting stories of Greek gods and Zeus, but that is the other Olympis which is somewhere in Greece, which makes sense if you think about it.

So we did gets some ruins, but they were not Greek, and they were rather wrecked. Stayed in small cabins in the forest a few kilometres from the sea. We hiked to the beach thru the ancient cities of Olympos. The earliest city was from the Lycian era and the Romans added to it when their turn came around.

What I am learning is that this tour is not the real tour that they advertise. Things are cut out, as it is too cold or they have not opened yet. Other sites we stay at another day to stretch it out. Consequently, we start the day late (like 10 a.m. before we are on the road) and finish the day early (dinner at 7:30 and bedtime by 9 p.m). I am so rested it is absurd. Looking for some stimulation, hopefully there will be some.

Have managed to read a very thougthful and spiritual book on Islam, which impressed me with its presentation of Islamic theology. Whilst I do not necessarily condone it, it has helped me greatly to understand how Islamic fundamentalism comes to be, and how it is so appealing to many followers of the Koran and Allah.

Photos / videos of "The Other Olympis":

The road along the sea is very windy and the sights are beautiful. Unfortunately for Turkey, most of us do not associate such beautiful beaches with it; we tend to think of Greece instead. More coastline. Olympos has numerous such tombs. Grave robbers have been here.  Lycian tomb from about 200 BC. Remains of the Lycian and Roman cities that were here. The Roman bath.  These walls were at least a metre thick. Another view of the Roman bath. The beach at Olympos.  The law forbids development of this area, so in the summer this area and surrounding area is full of younger folks who can live for very little and enjoy the water and beach.  Note the surreal mountain popping thru the clouds. The beach from the hill behind Olympos.  Note that there are ruins here as well. Remains of an ancient wall. More ruins and tombs. Tombs near to where we stayed.