Dalyan, Turkey
39° 45' N 26° 8' E
Mar 14, 2008 15:59
Distance 329km

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The Aegean - Mediterranean Sea

Dalyan. Saturday, March 15th.

Left Pamukkale in the morning and drove over the Taurus Mountain range. Crossing over these mountains was like travelling over the Hope-Princeton Highway (at the Penticton end) and being in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia (my home province). The area was dry, with low hills, pine trees everywhere and a small stream running next to the road occasionally. What was also wonderful was that spring has started here and the fruit trees were starting to blossom. Difference is the fruits are lemons, oranges, olives and pomegranates rather than peaches, apples, cherries and apricots. Felt like I was back home, which curiously felt disappointing in that my travels would then be over (but I will get over it).

Destination was Dalyan. This is a small, quaint town on the banks of a river that feeds into the Aegean Sea. Just south of Dalyan, the Mediterranean Sea starts. Thing is our tour is the first one of the season and with good reason. The weather generally is dry, but the temperatures are a little cool (mid teens) for the traditional Turkish traveller or tourist. Consequently, there are no crowds but things are also closed. Today we were supposed to visit the Sultaniye Hot Spring and have a mud bath. However, it does not open until Aprıl 1st. Next, we went to Iztuzu beach on the Aegean Sea, but it was deserted as the water was cold (18.4 degrees C). You can see from the infra-structure on boats, hotels, bars and the like that in the busy season, this is a very happening and wild place. Nice to float and boat around, but the buzz of other visitors is missing.

Dalyan has a mountain side near it which is carved like Petra. There are Lycian tombs from the fourth century BC in the side of the mountain. The tombs from afar look to be in good shape, but on closer inspection they are less complete and more weathered than Petra.

Overall, a nice day to relax and get some gentle sun. Definitely getting rested up in Turkey.

Photos / videos of "The Aegean - Mediterranean Sea":

View of the Taurus Mountain range from the bus window. Pine trees and dry mountain side. If you have crossed the Hope-Princeton this may remind you of the Penticton end of the highway. Coming out the other end.  The Aegean Sea is just over those low hills. Where the sea meets the shoreline near Dalyan. Lemon or orange trees.  Those taller trees in the background may be apple or cherry trees which are also here. The Lycian tombs across the river from our hotel.  At first inspection they appeared to be in good shape. Another collection of tombs near the prior photographed ones. Minaret in the centre of Dalyan.  Like Christian churches in the West, these mosques are in every town and village in Turkey. The Saturday market in full swing.  It was fascinating to watch this mother and daughter team make pancakes. In the countryside women still wear sheaver. In Istanbul, few women had their heads covered. Dalyan harbour.  In the summer, these boats would be busy ferrying visitors up and down the river to the beach or hot spring. Took a boat up and down the river.  Like many of the rivers along the Aegean Sea they have silted up over the centuries. The river now meanders in the swamp.  In olden times malaria was a serious problem in these parts.  Ephesus was abandoned for a time because of the malaria problem. The Iztuzu beach and Aegean Sea.  In June, turtles lay their eggs on these beaches.  Ituzu Beach.  I have to get used to the fact there are no tides here.  The poles you see in the back ground are for sun umbrellas.  The poles are 5 metres apart and in straight organized rows.  10 lira (£4) for an umbrella and two beach chairs.  There were 100s if not a 1000 stands.