Paradise Harbour, Antarctica
64° 54' S 62° 55' W
Dec 14, 2007 02:00
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Danco Island

Day Four. December 14. Morning Zodiac Ride around Danco Island.


We were supposed to do a wet landing this morning, but it was cancelled.  Cruised around and about watching the Gentoos.  Later, a young Leopard seal showed up and swam between the many zodiacs watching him.  Several of the overnight campers missed the outing.


Nice quiet morning, you learn to enjoy little things and become more observant of your surroundings.

Photos / videos of "Danco Island":

March of the Gentoo penguins (up to the clearing at the top of the hill). This is where they have their nests. Penguins either going in or getting out of the water.  Area has a strong smell. Weddell seal resting. Kelp gull.  I know I  am not especially fond of birds, but I am mellowing a bit on that score. Close up of a jueville Leopard seal. Fifty humans to one Leopard seal ratio. Who is the willing fool? Leopard seal pushes one of the zodiac around, the seal was quite playful and entertained us for a long time. Gentoos going in and out, the parade is endless. This iceberg just rolled, we felt the swell of the waves.  This is why you keep your distance from bergs as they are unstable, especially when they are smaller.