Port-au-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
10° 38' N 61° 30' W
Oct 31, 2007 15:43
Distance 94km

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Back Again

October 31  Port of Spain, Trinidad


Took a noon ferry ride back to POS (last sailing).  Got back and wandered to Independence Square, whinch is inthe centre of the downtown-business centre of the city.  Very depressing scene, drug addicts and broken sidewalks.


Tried to hail a taxi but had no luck to i walked by to the guest house (Sundeck, reasonably priced and in a safer part of POS).  Took an early rest as have to be up at 4:20 for a ride to the airport.

Port of Spain (POS, seen that abbreviation somewhere, a nephew called his car this) is not something or somewhere to stay so I booked myself onto a ferry to Tobago for Monday.


My limited photos of POS capture the fact that the city is a functional city (capital, port, centre of business, etc).  No one in their right mind would vacation there, that is why Tobago was created.


Population of Trinidad, 1,300,000; Tobago 50,000.  Area, Trinidad 14,000 square miles, Tobago 350 square miles.

Photos / videos of "Back Again":

View of the harbour from the ferry View of downtown from the ferry Independence Square in central POS