Port-au-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
10° 38' N 61° 30' W
Oct 27, 2007 16:24
Distance 651km

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An Island Retreat

Saturday and Sunday, October 27/28

Arrived in Port of Spain (POS) on Saturday afternoon. There was a strike at the airport so flights were delayed. There is an election in Trinidad and Tobago in early November so the unions are flexing their muslces.

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands, which I knew, but I did not know that tourists don’t go to Trinidad. This is the capital city and centre of business. It has a population of 530,000. It is a port. TT have large quantities of oil and natural gas so the islands are relatively well off.

Wandered around the city on Sunday, walked to the ferry terminal and booked a trip to Tobago (cost $16 return for a 2 ½ hour ride on a modern fast ferry, like the ones we were supposed to have in BC). The down town part of Port of Spain is very frightening, full of drug addicts (felt like downtown east side in Vancouver). Wandered over to the zoo (about the only thing to do) and saw the animals I have looked so hard for to see in the jungle. The highlight was to see and hear the red howler monkey howling at the top of their voice, what a sound and sight.

The guest house I am staying in is complete and nice. Right across the street it turns out there was a Roman Catholic church. As I was unpacking on Saturday night I heard the choir start singing so I attended mass that night. I was up at 7 on Sunday morning so I went to mass again. Felt nice to be somewhere that felt like home (and the mass was in English).


Photos / videos of "An Island Retreat":

Tucan, heard them and saw them in the distance, went to zoo to see what they actually look like Red howler monkey.  These monkeys literally howl, and it can go on for hours in the jungle.  When I was there, they began to howl, what a loud noise Macau.  Parrots have short tail feathers and macaus have longer ones.  Heard many of them in the jungle and saw them flying by in the distance often