Lake Manyara, Tanzania
3° 34' S 35° 49' E
Sep 15, 2007 16:38
Distance 98km

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Leopards and Baboons and Elephants

Saturday, September 15 Lake Manyara National Park

Like Lake Nakuru (lake, wetland, hills with trees) but a little drier and no flamingos (pelicans were there instead). Now we are using three jeeps for the 13 of us, so there is lots of room and an opportunity to mix with lots of different travellers. System is always go on a different jeep each morning and sit with other folks each day. Lots of baboons. Special sighting was a leopard which was resting in a tree. As we were about to leave, the leopard went down the tree trunk, nice to see animals move. Saw two male elephants that were angry with one another, you don’t hang around for that because an angry elephant will charge whatever is in its way. Nice campsite.

Photos / videos of "Leopards and Baboons and Elephants":

It is not all brown, flat savanah Small tornado in the distance Pelicans, but no flamingos Elephant mouth wash Giraffes enjoying lunch.  Nature is so wise in that different animals eat differently and at different heights.  Giraffes can be up to 5 metres total, with legs as tall as a person.  their tongue can be up to 45 CM long Leopard spotting.  This was a very clear view of the leopard, very lucky. Leopard coming down the tree Baboon family.  Baboons pick at the fur of their mates to get the bugs off, part of the bonding process and to get salt from their mates sweat This is the site where Leakey discovered the remains of the first known human (3.5 million years ago). Masia women and children Masia young and generally single, women Masia warriors Resting in the master bedroom, quite the pad Our guide.  He spoke English well but was rather sexist in his views on the roles of women and his responsibilities to work once he became an elder (at about 30) View from the top of a high koepje near the start of the Serengeti