Sesriem Canyon, Namibia
24° 30' S 15° 45' E
Aug 27, 2007 04:42
Distance 240km

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Had one of the most wonderful days of my pilgrimage today.  Amongst the many wonderful sights in Namibia are sand dunes.  Now we are talking real sand duens which are up to 150 M (450 ft) tall and do move.

The day started with getting to the dunes as the sun was rising to get the effect of shadows on the dunes.  Early in the morning it was cold as we climbed up the soft sand of the dune.  What a spectular sight to see the dunes awaken to the rising sun.  Then we would race down the dune and climb another.  It has been some time since I did any exercise so it was wonderful to get out a do a work out.  Two other members of the group and myself became a team and set out to climb other dunes.  At the top of one of the dunes we did various fun posed which I caught on camera.  The combination of physical exersion, companionship and foolishness made for a mad and delightful day.

That evening we watched the sun set on the dunes.  Unfortunately that is where I lost my camera (I think).  The camera is a drag to lose, the photos is another matter and the more hurtsome.  I think karma is trying to say something to me, as I was thinking angry thought of the tour leader and then the camera went missing (actually don't know when I lost it, just know when I learned it was not in its case).  Bought a new Cannon camera in Capetown since. now I am a 7 pixil man, up from 3.2.

Letting go of the camera is easier based on the wonderful day I had, however losing the photos of  and on the dunes is indeed disappointing.

After the dune visited the next morning Fish River Canyon which apparantly like Grand Canyon but on a smaller scale.  Fascinating to see the deep craters and the large expanse of the Canyon.

Next on to Capetown and the end of this trek.  I am so gratefull of the wonderful travel mates I had on the bus, we made a fine and motley team but we did it.  5,300 miles in 28 days is a lot of travelling, but Namibia and the companionship of like minded souls made the pilgrimage a joy to be part of.


Photos / videos of "Dunes":

Dunes of sand More sand Dunes up to 150 metres high Sand everywehre by the end of the day Climbing up Running down, but not me Dried up river bed at base of dune.  Climbed the dune in the back ground Sunset on the dunes Real quicksand, larger vehicles do not stand still on the sand lest they start to sink Fish River Canyon Fish River Canyon Fish River Canyon