Machu Picchu, Peru
13° 9' S 72° 29' W
Jul 28, 2007 00:08
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Machu Picchu

Day Four started at 4 AM.  We were waiting at the final check in point which opened at 5:30.  The last 5 k was a gentle decline with the occasional serious up or down.  Unfortunately a mate injured her foot on this final leg.  It started off dark, drizzling but not cold (as we were at 2700 M).  We would descend 300 M over the next 5 K.  When we finally arrived at Nachu Picchu it was it a complete fog (but not raining), you could not see more than a few 100 m.  I am sure everyone privately felt very saddened by this reception but publicly kept a brave face.   Our guide gave us a through and detailed explanation of the various parts of the site.  However, my spirit was elsewhere due to fatigue, information overload (Caesar for the last 5 days had been filling our heads with knowledge about the Inca civilization and the various sites.  Caesar, was a true expert, I cannot imagine what he did not know) and disappointment with the weather.  I said a quiet prayer to Lorna, and soon the clouds began to lift, and what a glorious view to behold.  The disappointment with the fog made the real thing so much more real and beautiful.  After a 1 and a half hour orientation we were free to wander around.   For the next many hours I just wandered around, forever amazed that everything was so planned and arranged.  Further I was able to go just about everywhere.  At 12 I began my hike to the top of the site for some final shots and to mediate.  Being totally exhausted in all regards I was ready to leave at 1:30.   The site is huge. Once you can appreciate this the awe really starts to sets in.  It was constructed in the 1430´s.  Everywhere there are complex stone structures or carefully planned and constructed terraces.  The intricacy of the stone carving for the religious sites is amazing.  Fortunately the stone came from the site, they were not transported in.  You cannot describe the site other than with photos, so enjoy the attached summary.  The sensation of hiking the Inca Trail and seeing Machu Picchu thereafter it an overwhelming experience.  The totality of these 5 days in the Sacred Valley is ultimately my private treasury (and none taxable memory), hopefully you can feel the fact that it was a truly God inspiring occasion.  The gentleman Lorna and I met in Ireland was correct; it is hard to image a more awesome sight than Machu Picchu (without the clouds).  If you get a chance, do it!!!! 

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I have arrived save and sound, PTL. Machu Picchu in the fog MP, fog.  Wondering what we are not seeing Fog starting to lift, my prayers are being answered. Example of stone work, everything fits together so finely sun dial sun temple Terraces Regualr stone wall.  there are miles and miles of such wall used to support the terraces. The fog begins to lift and our spirits start to take wing What can I say? this is all carved out of the original stone Large stone Temple carved into moutain side.  Can you see the condor, puma and snake (they are the three part or steps).  They are extremely important in Inca legends and religion. Stones and me, running out of things to say this is serious height and a long way dow Mountain directly behind MP.  Two hour hike to top, sorry hiked out for the time being This was carved, it is a replica of the of the mountain scape behind it. Trust you are impressed, their is so much of this around Sitting on a ledge near the top.  Final shots from the very top Different view from the top Another view Last shot, what an experience these past five days have been.  Ready to leave however.