Campo Grande, Brazil
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Jul 05, 2007 21:10
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A Pilgrim Test Day, Thursday, Day 10 (of 92)

Last night at 6 we left the Falls for a long bus ride.  What a ride it was; it seriously tested whether I could be compassionate, calm, open and unjudgemental.

Why, well there were several challanges ranging from:

- a standard bus not an upgraded tourist coach

- the bus had limited air conditioning

- the ride included a 2 hour lay over in a local bus stand (at 4 AM)

- my cold was acting up

- the ride was supposed to be 15 hours but it turned out to be closer to 20

- and I got food poisoning at 8 in the morning and I´m still trying to work it off 10 hours later.

I was pleased with the challenge and deliberately used each of these negatives and turned them into positive learning and life lessons.  I complained very little, made statements of fact.  I never once felt inclined to get angry, rather I just let go and let God.  At the end of the day, I´m grateful for this obstacle because it did show me that I can be tolerant and find the joy or humour in these unpleasant times.  Note, I did not have some out of body experence, just a peaceful pilgrim´s journey thru a less pleasant interlude.

All my mates got ill, so once we got to the lodge we just crashed, tomorrow we do a snookle expedition down one of the local rivers.  Sure hope my mates and I are up for it.

The attached photos capture the landscape for the bus trip, rolling fat prairie.


/note, thge map is wrong, will find the correct Bonito eventually.

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