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Feb 09, 2008 16:04
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Last Stop - Hong Kong

I have to say, that there could have been no better way to spend the last few days of my trip than in Hong Kong.  What a city.

I spent my 3 days in HK with Monica, who's just embarking on her 5 month trip!  We stayed on Lantau Island which is a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong Island.  On our first day, we did what most people come to Hong Kong to do.. shop!  After finding our way around the city, we spent a good few hours perusing the markets and Hong Kong's many many shopping malls.  That afternoon whilst on a shoe hunt, we stumbled across a very quaint tea room and decided it would be rude not to.  It was some of the best tea I have ever had.. who knew jasmine could taste so good infused with hot water?!  As we carried on with our retail therapy we made our way to Causeway Bay which was an array of malls, health food shops and bustling buyers and locals.  Even though the place is always on the go.. it has a certain relaxed atmosphere to it.  You never feel rushed to do anything or go anywhere. 

The weather wasn't great.. a serious fog meant that we had to give up on the cable car we'd hoped to do.  Hard as it was.. we managed to find time to visit more markets.. and dare I say shops!  This time we took a bus to Stanley Market which was in the Southern part of the island.  It was a great wee buzzing place, jam packed with souvenirs and clothes.  After a good old rummage we made our way to the waterfront for some food and managed to pick a cracking restaurant that served us up some seriously tasty local grub.. yum yum YUM!  That afternoon we met up with Catriona, a friend from Glasgow who has moved out there.  She took us to a lovely wine bar in the city and we managed to unwind with a few glasses of red!  Seeing as it was my last night however, Monica and I decided to head to Temple Night Market for some last chance bartering.  It was a vibrant place full of the usual tourist tack and fake gucci hand-bags although it seemed to boast some tasty local street grub - we saw many restaurants with the main dishes still swimming in buckets outside!  What a cracking last night in Hong Kong.. and last night of my trip.


This is it.. I can't believe it's all come to an end.  What seemed like forever now seems to have gone in a flash.  I have had the time of my life and met some amazing people, but most of all I have so many amazing memories that I will last for a lifetime. 

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