Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Jan 08, 2008 15:25
Distance 234km

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Siem Reap

Dean and I arrived in Siem Reap, along with 2 other guys who were also on the bus fiasco from Don Det called Keiran and Peter. 

The journey was ok but the seats were definitely made for tiny Asians as even sitting upright I couldn't fit my legs in so they sat around my ears for 6 hours.. the isle not being an option as all our luggage (and several other people's) took up all the space.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  The minute we stepped off the bus we were literally hounded by Cambodian tuk tuk drivers trying to take us to guest houses (they're on commision).  I couldn't even get my bag on my back and was worried about getting things stolen so Dean and I took the first driver we saw and headed to his guest house. 

We totally lucked out as it's a lovely wee place.  It has a rooftop restaurant and lovely staff.. our room is clean and we even have an ensuite.. woop dee doo!!! We relaxed for our first afternoon as we planned to see the temples the next day.

Update....  After Angkor Wat, we visited the market to try and snap up a bargain or two.  Dean then headed off for a massage and I went back to hostel to read and chill out.  Peter came to meet Dean and I that night and we had a few beers before calling it a night fairly early as it was another early rise for our 6am bus to Phnom Penh.  

My overall impression of Cambodia is it's an amazing place.  It has a remarkable contrast of rich and poor and the effects of tourism are more than evident in the everyday life of the Cambodians and in a way it's a shame.  Most seem to be only interested in getting our money.  It can, at times, ruin experiences when they begin to demand money and things start getting a bit ugly.  However, I am in awe of this beautiful country and how it's pulled itself back together after all the tragedy.  As I walk through the streets I am faced with countless men and woman that have been affected mentally and physically from the recent years but some still manage to smile and welcome you.  I am looking forward to seeing a different side to Phnom Penh from my initial intro.  Although I am not sure what effect the Killing Fields will have on me.

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