Don Det, Laos
13° 59' N 105° 56' E
Jan 06, 2008 11:02
Distance 101km

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Four Thousand Island-Hopping

I really wanted to see the Four Thousand Islands before I left Laos.. but knew I was tight for time so decided to catch a bus/boat over to the Islands for 1 night.  And I am so glad I did.

It is breathtakingly beautiful here.  I decided to stay on an Island called Don Det which is one of the quiter Islands.. yet busy enough for me to have no problem finding a bed for the night at short notice.. also being able to leave early the next morning for Cambodia.

Don Det is like being on a desert island the only difference being the lack of crytal clear water to swim in.  You can't really swim in the Mekong River.  Locals do and I met a few travelers who had but it's very dirty and all the sewage from the islands (and the rest of Laos) is flushed directly into it.. so I gave it a miss.. seeing as you can't see further than 10 cm into it.  

Shortly after I arrived, I managed to find myself a bungalow for the night with my own hammock over looking the river.  It's extremely relaxing here and I kicked back with my book over looking fishermen catching that evenings dinner.  After a while a decided to rent a bike and cycle over to Don Khon, a nearby island connected with an old railway bridge.  It costs $9 (US) to get onto the island which I thought was a bit steep but there was a waterfall I wanted to see so coughed up.  The cycle took a good hour or so and it was piping hot, not to mention bumpy as hell.. should have worn the old sports bra.  The waterfall was beautiful and I spent some time exploring the surrounding rocks and small beaches at the base.  On my way back I stopped at a fresh bakery.  It had been set up by an australian and was a lovely little hut over-looking the river with a gas bread oven and freshly baked bread, carrot cake, caramel slices.. you name it.  It was delish!  I randomly managed to bump into a guy I had met at my hostel in Tha Khek (this happens a lot when you're traveling.. meeting the same travelers again as you're usually in the same route).  After my long bike ride it was a treat and a half to sit with a view and chocolate muffin to die for.

That night, after enjoying my outdoor (yet bamboo wall covered.. just) shower, I headed out to get some dinner where I met a couple of folk from my hostel in Champasak.. see.. small world!  We were checking out the same menu at restaurant to decided to have dinner together.  After dinner I headed back fairly sharpish to my bungalow as I had to finish packing and get ready for my scratcher before the shut off the electricity at 10pm.  I just about managed it! 

Off to Cambodia tomorrow.. cannot wait!


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Boat ride over to Don Det Our guide Waters of the Mekong River My cosy bungalow View from my hammock My hammock and bed Don Det High Street And again Ride along to Don Khon Beautiful Mekong River Mekong River Waterfall on Don Khon Waterfall - Don Khon Alesandros at the waterfall Waterfall Waterfall Base of the waterfall Pathway from the waterfall The beautiful still Mekong River Family bathing at the river Mekong River Mekong River View from the bakery And again View from my hammock And again Laos & Cambodian border (tight security) Can you see your way through the guards Some local girls we drove past on the way to Phnom Penh Gorgeous wee Cambodian girls